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Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident & Injury

Our lawyers have spent decades helping people just like you in Everett, Snohomish County, and the surrounding parts of the state. We take pride in being compassionate with the people we serve, while being aggressive with the opponents we face. This is the approach that has allowed us to recover millions of dollars in fair compensation for pedestrian and bicycle accident victims.

Overcoming Challenges in Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Cases

With the level of experience that we have, you can be confident that there are very few challenges we haven’t faced before. We know how to address the unique issues involving PIP insurance that come up in cases involving bicycle and pedestrian injuries and deaths.

There are many drivers on the road who fail to respect the rights of pedestrians and bicyclists. They cause crosswalk accidents by taking left turns without looking between the white lines. They rush out of parking lots and cause bike wrecks. They “crowd” bicyclists legally using the roadway. They simply drive negligently.

If you’ve been hurt in a bike or pedestrian accident, call our firm today at 425-258-3538.

Work with a Seattle Pedestrian Injury Lawyer to Receive Fair Compensation

Our attorneys are committed to holding drivers accountable when their negligence leads to an accident.

In addition to handling collisions between motor vehicles and bikers or pedestrians, we can also handle other vehicle cases. From head injuries to spinal cord injuries to other serious personal injuries and even wrongful death, our team understands the importance of taking care to obtain fair compensation.

Our team is able to address the unique challenges that arise in child bike injury or wrongful death cases. When a child is involved, cases can be much more emotional. We are a team that cares enough to help you get the results that your child deserves.