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Low-Impact Collisions Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Car Accident — Everett, WA — Carter and Fulton, P.SLow-impact collisions are those that take place at speeds of less than 10 mph. Often there is little visible damage to the involved vehicles, or “hidden” damage that the involved insurance company purposefully does not look for.  Rear-end collisions are one of the most common low-impact collisions. Because they occur at such low speeds, many such accidents do not involve any injuries or vehicle damage. But this is not always the case. The injuries resulting from these types of collisions can be much more severe than people think.

These are some of the injuries you may experience and their causes.

How Physical Injuries Occur in a Collision

Tips for Getting Just Compensation After an Auto Accident

Man Holding Hand with Blue Bandage as Arm Injury with Car Accident — Everett, WA — Carter and Fulton, P.S

After a car accident, you may feel overwhelmed due to the pain and physical damages. At this point, you need to seek out a fair settlement to pay for medical bills and get back on your feet. Once you file a claim, the insurance company for the responsible driver will assign an adjuster to assess the extent of the damages. Bear in mind that most insurers will attempt to offer an unfair settlement. Here are some crucial tips to help you maximize your settlement.

Maintain Comprehensive Records

The amount of the settlement that you receive typically depends on the quality of evidence that you have. Thus, keep a file of all important documentation related to the collision, as your lawyer will want this information, as well. After the accident, take photos of the scene, the damages to the car and of your injuries. Also, obtain a police report detailing the accident, or have your attorney do so for you.

Car Accidents and Poor Weather: How to Prove Liability

Poor Weather — Everett, WA — Carter and Fulton, P.S

Car accidents happen every day across the country for various reasons. In many cases, weather conditions contribute to car accidents. The poor weather conditions during an accident can make proving fault more difficult.

When you are the victim of an accident and the other driver claims the weather is to blame, you may think you do not have a legal right to proper compensation for your losses. Your losses can include the damage to or loss of your vehicle and your medical expenses.

However, with proper legal representation and investigation, you can often pursue a legal claim for personal injury, even when the weather is partially to blame. Discover what you need to know.

Liability and Duty of Care

Hit by an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver? Answers to Your Questions

Uninsured Driver — Everett, WA — Carter and Fulton, P.S

Have you been in a vehicle or pedestrian accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver? If so, you face not only the normal challenges of anyone who is injured in an accident but also some added difficulties. What are these and how should you proceed? Here are some valuable answers. 

What is an Uninsured Driver?

Uninsured drivers are those who carry no auto insurance covering their liability in the event of an accident. Washington state law mandates that all drivers carry mandatory minimum liability insurance to cover accidents — $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident. 

If a driver fails to carry the mandatory minimum limits of liability insurance coverage, they are considered uninsured. Unfortunately, despite these laws, many uninsured drivers do take to the roads on a daily basis, with some estimates putting this number as high as 20% in some areas.

What Is an Underinsured Driver?

Top Reasons Why You Need an Auto Accident Attorney

Auto Accident — Everett, WA — Carter and Fulton, P.SAfter an auto accident injury, you may feel the need to concentrate on your recovery before hiring an attorney to pursue your insurance claim. The truth is you should contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible for advice.  However, no matter the severity of the accident’s impact, another driver’s negligence shouldn’t leave you out to dry. Negligence is when the other party’s actions are directly or indirectly attributed to the incident and the damage.

Hiring an auto accident attorney immediately after your car accident offers you the best course of action to avoid being taken advantage of by the insurance company. Learn why below.

Filing Compensation Documents

After the accident, the insurance company likely expects you to file a claim form. The truth is that most people do not have a clue of how to file claims for auto accident injuries, and they often make mistakes early on in a claim which impact claim value. Your lawyer will handle this process for you, help you avoid common mistakes people make and provide the necessary evidence to prove that your claim is valid.

FAQs About Auto Accident Attorneys

Man Reporting An Accident — Everett, WA — Carter and Fulton, P.SNo one wants to be in a car accident, but every day, many people find themselves in road altercations that range from annoying dents to life-changing injuries. Auto accident attorneys are some of the people with the training to help you in the aftermath and make sure you receive the compensation you need to pay medical bills and recover.

Whether you’ve been in an accident or want to be prepared for the future, learn the answers to some questions about auto accident attorneys.

  1. What Do Auto Accident Attorneys Do?

Car accidents involve drivers, passengers, and their insurances — so where does an attorney come in? Simply put, an auto accident attorney is a personal injury attorney who focuses on car accidents. They act as your advocate and make sure that your interests are represented in communications with the other driver and the involved insurance companies.

Your lawyer will be able to do much of the work for you, such as talk to insurers, organize your medical bills, negotiate with the other driver, and reach a settlement with an insurance company or defense attorney, depending on where your case goes. This help is crucial after an accident since you might not be able to do the work yourself. A lawyer can give you the time you need to recover.

    What to Know About Burns and Personal Injury Cases

    Personal Injury — Everett, WA — Carter and Fulton, P.SBurns are some of the worst types of injuries. They are among the most painful injuries a human can suffer and more serious burns often lead to prolonged hospitalization, permanent scarring and disfigurement and an alteration of one’s body image, forever.

    What Are the Types of Burns?

    Types of burns include friction burns, cold burns (frostbite), thermal burns, radiation burns (sunburn), chemical burns, and electrical burns. In addition, there are different degrees of burns: first, second, and third.

    First-degree burns are usually less severe and typically only affect the outermost layer of your skin. A second-degree burn also affects the dermis (the layer under the outer layer of skin), and a third-degree burn reaches the fatty layer below the dermis, and is thus the most severe type of burn.

    While less common in first-degree burns, an infection sometimes arises after the skin is damaged by a burn. Second and third-degree burns usually require medical attention, and third-degree burns often require more prolonged treatment, hospitalization and, often, skin grafts.

    Washington State Lawmakers Open to Lowering Legal Limit

    On behalf of Donald Carter at Carter & Fulton, P.S.

    Drinking and driving is a serious problem and when someone in Snohomish County chooses to engage in this kind of behavior, innocent lives can be at risk. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation’s collision database, 230 people died in alcohol-related accidents and 460 people suffered injuries that were deemed serious in 2010.

    Bubble Wrapping Our Children: Where Do We Draw the Line on Safety?

    On behalf of Donald Carter at Carter & Fulton, P.S.

    You don’t have to be a perfect parent to raise a well-adjusted kid, influential English pediatrician and child psychiatrist Donald Winnicott asserts. Therapists and psychologists are seeing more and more young adult patients who are feeling adrift in this world despite claiming they had perfect parents. The general consensus among these practitioners is that—maybe—children are being protected too much from the bumps and bruises life has to offer.