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What to Know About Burns and Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury — Everett, WA — Carter and Fulton, P.SBurns are some of the worst types of injuries. They are among the most painful injuries a human can suffer and more serious burns often lead to prolonged hospitalization, permanent scarring and disfigurement and an alteration of one’s body image, forever.

What Are the Types of Burns?

Types of burns include friction burns, cold burns (frostbite), thermal burns, radiation burns (sunburn), chemical burns, and electrical burns. In addition, there are different degrees of burns: first, second, and third.

First-degree burns are usually less severe and typically only affect the outermost layer of your skin. A second-degree burn also affects the dermis (the layer under the outer layer of skin), and a third-degree burn reaches the fatty layer below the dermis, and is thus the most severe type of burn.

While less common in first-degree burns, an infection sometimes arises after the skin is damaged by a burn. Second and third-degree burns usually require medical attention, and third-degree burns often require more prolonged treatment, hospitalization and, often, skin grafts.

Washington State Lawmakers Open to Lowering Legal Limit

On behalf of Donald Carter at Carter & Fulton, P.S.

Drinking and driving is a serious problem and when someone in Snohomish County chooses to engage in this kind of behavior, innocent lives can be at risk. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation’s collision database, 230 people died in alcohol-related accidents and 460 people suffered injuries that were deemed serious in 2010.

Bubble Wrapping Our Children: Where Do We Draw the Line on Safety?

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You don’t have to be a perfect parent to raise a well-adjusted kid, influential English pediatrician and child psychiatrist Donald Winnicott asserts. Therapists and psychologists are seeing more and more young adult patients who are feeling adrift in this world despite claiming they had perfect parents. The general consensus among these practitioners is that—maybe—children are being protected too much from the bumps and bruises life has to offer.

Dealing with Insurance in the Aftermath of a Crash

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The immediate aftereffects of a motor vehicle accident can be difficult enough. Hopefully no one was seriously injured; if there were injuries, recovering takes the highest priority. Unfortunately, as anyone who has been in an accident knows, dealing with the crash involves more than just recuperating. You must also deal with insurance companies and the cost of medical expenses and lost wages.