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Personal Injury Attorney for Bothell, WA

If need a compassionate, experienced personal injury attorney for Bothell, WA to help with your legal case, contact Carter & Fulton, P.S., to get the representation you deserve.

Professional Legal Service You Can Count On

Carter & Fulton, P.S., has decades of personal injury law experience that we can put at your disposal. Ours is a focused law practice, as we exclusively take personal injury cases. Whether you seek legal redress for an injury caused by a product defect or you need an auto accident attorney in Bothell, WA, in your corner to receive compensation for an auto incident, we can help you proceed with your claim.

Along with our wealth of legal expertise, the legal team at Carter & Fulton, P.S., prioritizes the best outcome for you as an individual. We make sure to give our clients the best legal advice, even when their best option is to work with another legal firm or not hire a lawyer at all.

Professional Ethics We Can Stand By

As a personal injury and car accident attorney for the Bothell, WA, community, our mission is to advocate for those who deserve just compensation. No matter what the circumstances of you or your loved one’s injury, we are dedicated to seeking legal recompense on your behalf.

If you need honest, dedicated personal injury attorney services, contact Carter & Fulton, P.S., today to seek a free initial consultation.