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Disc Herniation & Spinal Fusion Surgery

The long-term physical effect of a herniated disk can be significant, especially when spinal fusion surgery is necessary. Compensation for accident injuries that aggravate or cause a herniated disk must be understood within the context of what spinal fusion surgery involves, what it costs, any physical therapy required, and how it affects a person’s ability to perform at work.

At the personal injury law office of Carter & Fulton, our lawyers understand spinal injuries are for life. In order to accurately determine costs associated with herniated disks and spinal fusion surgery, we consult medical economists, life care planners, and vocational rehabilitation professionals.

In cases where gross negligence or drunk drivers are to blame, we may seek punitive damages or compensation for our client’s pain and suffering.

If you’ve been involved in an accident that resulted in a herniated disk and the need for spinal fusion surgery, contact personal injury attorneys at Carter & Fulton today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Herniated Disks and Accidents

The personal injury law office of Carter & Fulton recovers damages for people suffering from a herniated disk due to the following kinds of accidents:

Spinal Fusion Surgery

When a disk is herniated, it ruptures, resulting in a portion of it protruding outside its normal boundary beneath a vertebra. Over time, a bulging disk can begin to pinch spinal nerves that run along the spinal cord, leading to pain, numbness, pain and/or tingling into the arms or legs, and other problems.

When physical therapy or other means are not enough to heal a herniated disk, spinal fusion surgery may be necessary. Spinal fusion involves fusing two bones together in order to prevent movement between them.

In order to fuse two bones together, a surgeon uses a bone graft to connect two vertebrae together. Usually, screws or plates are used as well to ensure vertebrae remain solidly in place until they heal.

Afterward, physical therapy is needed, as well as time to heal. Oftentimes, those undergoing spinal fusion must miss many months of work and thus lose wages. As a result, costs associated with spinal fusion surgery can be substantial.

Contact Everett, Washington Herniated Disk Attorneys at Carter & Fulton

Our personal injury attorneys understand the financial and physical issues associated with herniated disks and spinal fusion surgery. In some cases, the insurance settlement or award offered may not be enough to cover your actual costs. Here, it may be necessary to go to court and tap into other sources of insurance a negligent party has in order to cover all your losses.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact Snohomish County, Washington herniated disk attorneys at Carter & Fulton today.