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Dog Bite Injuries & Compensation

People in Everett, Snohomish County and the surrounding parts of Washington have a variety of reasons to turn to the law firm of Carter & Fulton in dog bite cases. We do not ascribe to the old adage that “Every dog gets one free bite.”

Clients turn to our attorneys for the decades of experience we offer in handling such cases. They turn to us because they know our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for people just like them. They turn to us because they know we can help and will get results.

Overcoming All Challenges in Dog Bite Cases

Many dog bites happen at the homes of friends and neighbors. Those hurt by dogs are hesitant to bring action against people they want to maintain a positive relationship with. That’s fine with us. We take action against the insurance company (typically homeowners insurance) that represents the dog owner. That is what insurance is there for.

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Fair Compensation for Dog Bites in Seattle

Dog owners tend to forget that a dog is an animal and can be dangerous. A dog owner has a duty to properly restrain their animal. In certain situations, no matter how friendly a dog is, the dog may react negatively or aggressively.

Sometimes, bites that cause serious harm were obviously attempts by a dog to play. The fact of the matter is that dog owners need to be aware of the fact that their pet could cause harm and take proper steps to ensure that this does not occur.

When they fail to take proper care and their dog does bite someone, they should be held responsible.

Our lawyers can and do handle cases in which dog attacks are caused by a person simply letting their pet run free. We can handle cases involving traditionally dangerous dogs, such as pit bulls, attacking neighbors. We can handle any dog bite or animal attack scenario, including those that involve children.