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Head and Spinal Cord Injuries

Experienced Seattle Head Injury Attorneys Get Results

Have you or someone you care about suffered a head injury or a back injury?

At the law firm of Carter & Fulton in Everett, Washington, we have decades of experience helping people like you. Our experience means that we understand the different ways in which brain and spinal cord injuries can impact a person’s life.

There is no such thing as a “minor” head injury. We understand the importance of getting fair compensation for people whose lives have been affected by such injuries.

You Pay No Fees* Unless We Win Your Case

We represent ordinary people like you. Our experience means you can level the playing field against big businesses and insurance companies, without having to pay up front. You pay unless and until we get you results.

A head injury can cause serious and life-long damage. However, these cases become complicated when that damage isn’t obvious. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and closed head injury cases may not involve immediate loss of consciousness or other outward physical symptoms.

They may involve memory loss, headaches, difficulty with concentration, forgetfulness, light sensitivity, and other similar issues. No matter how a head injury has impacted your life, you can be confident that we can help.

Spinal cord injuries can also come in many varieties. A herniated disc may result in a lifetime of pain, while paralysis will require very expensive and lifelong care. We know how to stand up for people who have suffered back injuries and paralysis due to negligence. You can count on us.

*Cost only.

Our attorneys can help in head or back injury cases involving:

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