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Insurance Disputes & Fair Compensation

At the law firm of Carter & Fulton, we understand that insurance companies are businesses. While feigning concern about people, what they are really interested in is maximizing their profits. We understand that they need to maintain their profit margins and watch their bottom lines. What we don’t understand is when they do these things at the cost of providing coverage or insurance they have agreed to provide.

Making Insurance Companies Do What They Are Supposed to Do

When insurers refuse to pay out on legitimate claims, our attorneys will not hesitate to take action against them. We are not afraid of insurance companies following a personal injury accident. We will do what it takes to resolve insurance disputes favorable to you.

We Have No Conflict of Interest

Unlike some law firms, our lawyers never represent insurance companies. We only represent ordinary people like you. If you have a legitimate claim that was unreasonably rejected, you can be confident that we can set things straight and get you the benefits you have coming.

Has your car insurance claim been denied unfairly? Have you pursued benefits under a homeowner policy, only to receive a letter indicating denial of claim? Our law firm is here to take action for people in Everett and the surrounding parts of Washington.

There are three main laws that we use to get what is right for people like you:

  • The Insurance Fair Conduct Act: This law states that you can actually recover up to three times your damages, plus attorney fees, if an insurance company unreasonably refuses to pay out fairly on benefits.
  • The Insurance Bad Faith: Bad faith law allows you to take action against your own insurance company if they fail to deliver what you have paid them to deliver.
  • The Consumer Protection Act Claim: This law, while not limited to insurance disputes, outlines methods of getting results from insurance companies who aren’t acting fairly, and allows recovery of attorney’s fees.

We can take action under any or all of these laws, depending on the situation. We are willing to take insurance litigation into the courtroom if that is what it takes to resolve a dispute properly.

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