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Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Marysville and Everett, WA

In Everett and the surrounding area, people turn to us to help them obtain fair compensation in motorcycle accident cases. Don Carter has long owned Harley-Davidsons and knows firsthand how quickly a driver’s momentary inattention can lead to disaster for a motorcycle rider.

Through this experience, we have a reputation of providing compassionate representation to the people we serve, while aggressively taking on our adversaries in motorcycle accident cases.

Overcoming All Challenges in Motorcycle Accident Cases

In motorcycle accident cases, insurance companies typically represent the negligent driver(s). These are the companies that typically will fight to avoid providing fair compensation to you.

Motorcycle accident cases present unique insurance and liability challenges. With experience on our side, we know how to assert your rights and overcome the obstacles to recovery that the insurance companies will try to put up.

Everyone who causes a motorcycle accident has the same excuse. They blame the person who was on the motorcycle. They say the motorcycle rider was speeding or changing lanes too quickly. These excuses don’t work for us. A motorcyclist is just as entitled to the protection of the rules of the road as any other driver.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, call us at 425-258-3538.

Fair Compensation for Everett Motorcycle Accidents

At Carter & Fulton, we will take action to hold negligent drivers responsible when their carelessness causes a motorcycle accident.

As experienced lawyers, Don Carter and Brad Fulton are able to handle all types of motorcycle accidents, as well as other motor vehicle accidents. Accidents can take many forms: a motorcycle head injury that resulted in brain damage, road rash, broken bones, paralysis, or any other injury or the loss of a loved one. If you have been injured, our firm can help.

Experience counts, and we have the experience to examine whether other factors may have played into causing the accident. Our attorneys know what steps to take if the accident was caused by a defective motorcycle part.