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Personal Injury Law in Everett, WA

After an accident of any kind that leaves you or a loved one injured, you may feel overwhelmed thinking about handling the legal aspects of your case. Personal injury law can be confusing, especially if you also need to focus on recovering after injuries. Carter & Fulton, P.S., is here to help. When you need a personal injury attorney who can walk you through your case in Everett, WA, you can rely on us.

Personal injury is just one possible consequence after an accident. Sometimes, a loved one may even be killed. If their death was caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you can have a wrongful death case on your hands. We can work with you to present the best case possible so that you get a fair settlement. And while financial compensation won’t bring your loved one back, we hope it can help you start to recover.

The most important part of your personal injury case is having a lawyer who cares. Since personal injury law can often be complex and confusing, you need an attorney who is experienced and wants to help your case succeed.

When you choose a personal injury attorney at Carter &Fulton, P.S., in Everett, WA, you get an attorney who has a wealth of experience and will find the key points in your case to get you the compensation you deserve. We want not only to see your case succeed but also to help you feel confident and safe during the process. We protect your rights and keep you involved every step of the way.

Whether or not you have an understanding of personal injury law, we explain our process so that you know exactly what the status of your case is.

You shouldn’t have to suffer any more than you already have. Carter &Fulton, P.S., is the relief you need during a personal injury case. Turn to us today if you have any type of personal injury

Injuries that occur through no fault of your own can still be costly. If you are dealing with high costs because of a personal injury, Carter & Fulton, P.S., in Everett, WA, can help. Work with a personal injury attorney from our team so that you can receive the legal help you need to be properly compensated for your injuries.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal injury law can be complex and difficult to navigate on your own, which is why our personal injury attorney helps walk you through every step of the process. We help you gather the necessary paperwork and file all the proper documentation.

Our services cover a range personal injuries and wrongful death cases. We have experience with liability cases for:

We work with you in these instances and others to demonstrate the liability that others had for your injuries.

Our experience also includes helping with injuries that have resulted from a variety of accidents, including:

Whatever the origin of your injury, we work closely with you to identify how you can receive compensation for the pain and suffering that you have experienced.

Why Carter & Fulton, P.S.?

Since 2001, we have provided personal injury legal services in Everett, WA. Our personal injury attorneys have been practicing since 1974 and 1988, and they bring their decades of experience to our firm to help serve you.

We center our practice in Snohomish and King Counties, but we offer our legal services to people throughout the entire state of Washington. We handle cases of all sizes, though we do not represent insurance companies or big businesses because we put you and others like you first.

When you need a personal injury attorney, come to Carter & Fulton, P.S., in Everett, WA. Call 425-258-3538 or 206-682-8813 for a free consultation.