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Trucking Accident Attorney in Marysville, WA

Trucking accident attorney helps with crash in Everett, WA

Does experience make a difference? We are proof that it does. At the law firm of Carter & Fulton in Everett, Washington, our lawyers have achieved the consistent level of success in helping people who have been hurt in truck accidents. Given our attorneys’ experience, we have seen and overcome nearly every obstacle imaginable in order to get fair compensation for people like you.

Overcoming All Challenges in Truck Accident Cases

Semi-truck front

Trucking companies and semi-truck owners rarely are willing to admit fault in accident cases. Instead, they have a habit of hiding information or altering driving logs or maintenance records because that information may reveal that the accident was the result of violations of state and federal motor carrier safety regulations (FMCSR). We understand how to use these regulations to your advantage in such cases.

On Interstate 5, Interstate 405, Highway 2, and the area’s other roadways, it is not uncommon to see overloaded/overweight logging trucks and other semi-trucks whizzing by at excessive speeds. As they race through the state with poorly maintained equipment and weary drivers behind the wheel, they are very prone to accidents.

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Fair Compensation for Seattle Truck Accidents

Trucking accident attorney helps with crash in Everett, WA

We help the people whose lives are changed by the negligence of these drivers.

Our attorneys are available to help with all types of truck accidents, including delivery truck crash cases, as well as other motor vehicle accidents.

Whether a case involves an accident caused by truck driver fatigue, unsafe or poorly maintained equipment, on overloaded, overweight truck, speeding, or anything else, we can help.

We are also able to handle cases in which the truck driver is not at fault, such as those in which a vehicle maintenance problem, an improperly loaded trailer, or a defective part caused the accident.