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Verdicts and Settlements for Carter & Fulton, P.S.

We have obtained the following results for our clients.


  • $2.1 million settlement for high school javelin thrower struck by an errant javelin at Washington State track meet. WIAA, javelin thrower, and two school districts were the defendants. Case written up by two publications.
  • $1.17 million total value settlement for Marysville school teacher who suffered severe lower leg, knee, head, and knee injuries when struck by a utility trailer tire that, due to overloading and inadequate maintenance, sheared off the trailer axle and struck client as she walked down the sidewalk. Significant insurance issues involved in the case; three separate defendants.
  • $400,000 wrongful death settlement arising out of semi-truck/automobile accident in Yakima County; significant liability challenges requiring skid testing on site.
  • $750,000 settlement for wrongful death of 32-year-old husband and father killed when a car pulled out in front of his motorcycle.
  • $880,000+ total value settlement for traumatic brain injury suffered in an automobile accident; no reported loss of consciousness at scene. Co-counsel.
  • $625,000 policy limits settlement in for wrongful death of a husband killed when an overloaded and poorly maintained logging truck lost its load. Settlement included a significant contribution from the logging company owners due to fact that they maintained inadequate insurance.
  • $1.2 million total value settlement in case involving head-on collision caused by intoxicated restaurant/bar employee who had been over-served alcohol by her employer. Lead counsel.
  • Confidential, but significant settlement in case involving the ingestion of drain cleaner by a small child at his parent’s apartment. Claims made against the product manufacturer, cap manufacturer, and packaging company – five defendants.
  • Confidential, but significant settlement in single car auto accident case where car skidded out on unmarked gravel in roadway and vaulted into unguarded, empty retention pond built as part of a new housing development, resulting in near total blindness to intoxicated passenger. Claim was against the County, the developer, and the construction company, in addition to the vehicle’s driver.
  • $215,000 settlement for young boy impaled by unprotected light standard bolt on the grounds of a public high school. Claim was against the school district.
  • $200,000 settlement for women mauled by relative’s dog while visiting.
  • $1,116,000 settlement for severe facial injuries caused by roadway construction debris (concrete traffic barrier bracket) thrown through client’s windshield. State of Washington, general contractor, and subcontractors were all defendants.
  • $850,000 settlement for undocumented, illegal alien working in a gypsum plant whose arm was amputated in a conveyor belt industrial accident. Client tested positive for cocaine and was working under fake Social Security number. Case involved four defendants and significant liability and damages issues.
  • $500,000 settlement for 38-year-old cement finisher working for a sub-contractor injured when struck by a vehicle while working on a roadside construction project. Claims against both the driver and general contractor for unsafe traffic safety plan were involved.
  • Confidential, but significant settlement for 58-year-old bookkeeper whose common bile duct was negligently transected during elective laparoscopic gall bladder removal procedure, requiring reconstructive surgery.
  • Confidential but significant settlement in products liability and auto claim involving spinal injuries suffered by young girl due to unsafe and defective seat belt in a one-car crash.
  • $210,000 policy limits settlement of wrongful death claims brought by two daughters against their mother and the bar who over-served alcohol to the mother arising from the death of the daughter’s father in a DUI car crash caused by mother’s intoxication.
  • $285,000 settlement of auto case involving development of post-traumatic seizure disorder following motor vehicle crash. Causation disputed.
  • $285,000 settlement of personal injury action arising from semi-truck/automobile crash on Interstate 5.
  • Confidential, but significant settlement arising from nurse practitioner’s failure to diagnose hip dysplasia in young girl in timely fashion.
  • Confidential but significant settlement arising from young boy’s head and brain injuries suffered in fall out of window in family’s rented apartment; landlord failed to repair defective window lock.
  • $205,000 total value binding arbitration award for electrician injured in an intersection collision; knee injuries requiring surgery.
  • $300,000 total value settlement for 50+-year-old woman who suffered closed head injuries/TBI in automobile accident. No loss of consciousness at scene documented, and existence and causation of head injury symptoms contested.